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Kletten folds years of development into the yet smallest EDC made by Helle. Based on classic Scandinavian design, the Kletten is a unique scandi grind folder with triple laminated stainless-steel blade. Highly appreciated by knife enthusiasts around the world for its robust construction and usability.

Kletten is the smallest folder ever made by Helle to this day. A perfect pocket size companion for every day carry (EDC). Its robust construction with a back lock mechanism and scandi grind blade makes this knife the perfect companion for any adventure.

The small size offers a good three finger grip for medium hands with a handle shape that offers a small finger guard for safety and usability.

The curly birch scales add a personal pattern and color makes each handle unique. There are never two knives alike.

This unique pocketknife takes its name from a small and rugged hill known as “Kletten” by the locals. Located near the Helle factory and overlooking the small village of Holmedal.

The short blade is made from Helle triple laminated stainless steel and has a classic Scandinavian grind.


Specifications                    Kletten
Weight:                              120g
Blade Material:                  Triple Laminated Helle steel, Stainless steel
Blade thickness:                2,7 mm
Blade lengh:                       55 mm
Blade construction:           Folding knife
Handle Material:               Curly birch
Handle length:                   80 mm
Design by:                          Helle design
Design year:                       2019