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Fiskekniv has been the companion for many of us on our fishing trips and is the traditional go to as a functional tools tool for us living on the Norwegian Cost.

Living the costal life with the North Sea on your doorstep a classic fishing knife is often just a tool. It’s simple beauty is often forgotten. The Fiskekniv is maybe one of these products. Designed to meet the needs as a functional knife to bring on any fishing expedition. Whether it is on the river, out on the fjord or all the way out on the big norther sea. Wherever you are heading on your fishing trip we will never wish you good fortune. That would mean bad luck to any fisherman in Norway.

The slightly darkened birch handle has been hand sanded to a satin finish to bring out the colors of the wood. The blade is long and thin. Sharpened and polished to a razor-sharp edge right out of the box.

This knife has no fingerguard whatsoever and is best used with a carful hand.


Specifications                    Fiskekniv
Weight:                              70 g
Blade material:                  Sandvik 12C27, stainless
Blade thickness.                 1,4 mm
Blade length:                      155 mm
Handle material:                Birch
Handle length:                   115 mm
Sheath material:                Genuine leather
Design by:                          Helle design
Design year:                       1999