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Each Helle knife comes with what we call a lifetime warranty matching the expected lifetime of the product. Using it the right way and maintaining it has a direct effect on the product’s lifetime.

We warrant the product to be free from defect for the lifetime of the product. (Faulty material & faulty workmanship)

The Helle warranty covers manufacturing defects and does not cover misuse or negligence on maintenance.

It does not cover:

  • Damage caused by accident
  • Improper care or lack of maintenance
  • Normal ware and tare
  • Breakage due to batoning
  • After-market modifications

Warranty claim items should be:
1. Returned to place of purchase
a. If you are unable to return the product to the place of purchase, we ask you to return the item to the appointed partner representing the country/region where you are located. Please see list below.

2. Include a written description of the reason for the warranty claim with the following information.
a. How did/was the knife used when it broke.
b. Date of purchase
c. Store where it was purchased.
d. Address to the owner of the product for return purposes.
e. Your Email
f. Your Phone number

Please be aware that Helle does not pay for inbound shipping.

Please use mailing services offering tracking information and retain tracking information, as Helle is not responsible for lost inbound shipments.

Approved warranty claims are for replacement products only. If an exact replacement is not available, Helle reserves the right to substitute with an item equal in color and or style. Warranty decisions by Helle are final and cannot be disputed.

Only warranty claims including the above information will be handled.

Use your Helle knife with care and for the intention it has been made. Helle makes cutting tools for carving and woodwork.

Please don’t use Helle knifes for batoning. Especially not stick tang knifes. A knife used for batoning will not be approved as a warranty claim.

Helle will not replace knifes that have been lost or handle warranty claims based on pictures only. Although a picture can often help us determine if there is cause for replacement or not to save time and money. If you are uncertain if the knife can be eligible for a warranty claim just send us an email including photos and the above information.

For warranty service if the store where you purchased your knife is not responding please connect via our Distributor list