Do you remember your first bark boat? Your first home-made bow and arrow?

Or what about the first time you gutted a fish you had caught yourself? For a Norwegian, it is most likely that he or she would have used a Helle knife. We have made knives in tune with our philosophy for close to a hundred years.

Whereas many knife manufacturers today depend on automated production and large product lines, we depend on quality and production through craftsmanship.

Skilled knifemakers take pride in making the Helle brand synonymous with quality. Three generations of hands are working diligently to produce knives at our factory in Holmedal. They work in tandem with three generations of machinery. An original Helle knife goes through up to 45 different manual operations before it passes through our quality control procedure. 

The work that goes into a Helle knife is best observed rather than described. We welcome you to Holmedal to take part in the experience.