Contact, visits, factory outlet, and tours. 

Helle knives is situated in the small village of Holmedal in rural Sogn og Fjordane, Norway. Both the production, office and warehouse facilities are located by the fjor Dalsfjorden. This has been the case since 1943. And precisely because we are so remotely located, we love it when people want to to visit us!

Our factory outlet is open from 09.00 to 15.00 from Monday to Friday year round except during Easter and Christmas. Here you can find both new and old Helle models, as well as cutlery and kitchen utensils made by Helle. In addition we carry a range of goods from other quailty manufacturers such as axes from Gränsfors, wool clothing from Woolpower and hats from 

Given that we take great pride in our production, we also love to show visitors around the premises. We do tours and viewings when we have the opportunity. However, as Helle is a live production facilities, we cannot do tours all the time - only when we have the available capacity and manpower. Pre-booking is therefore essential. Please contact us at or 577 33 500. A one hour tour costs 500 NOK for up to 10 people.

Contact information:

Helle Fabrikker AS
Adress: Holmedalsvegen 14, 6982 Holmedal, Vestland, Norway
Telephone: 577 33 500