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Algonquin - Discontinued

Algonquin is a beautiful and practical knife in a small package. Designed for self-reliance and freedom in nature. Used in many situations from expeditions in the deep wilderness to family hikes. Designed in collaboration with photographer, adventurer and Helle Ambassador Laura Bombier. 

The Algonquin knife is a traditional knife with a stacked handle with dark oak, curly birch and red leather inlays. The handle shape is well proportioned to fit both small and fairly large hands. A three-finger grip for large hands and a full grip for small hands.

The knife has a small, yet distinctive fingerguard for safe use. The front of the handle is shaped with an angle towards the blade, allowing a closer grip to the blade for delicate carving.

The blade is made from Helle triple laminated stainless steel and carry a scandi-grind edge that has been sharpened by hand to perfection.

Delivered with a sheath of genuine high-quality leather and a belt loop for secure carry. Also including a leather strap for all of you who like to carry the knife as a neck knife.

The Algonquin has borrowed its name from the area where Laura grew up – a wilderness area that is close to her heart.


Specifications Algonquin
Weight 60 g
Blade material Triple Laminated Helle steel, stainless
Blade thickness 2,8 mm
Blade length 69 mm
Blade construction Stick tang
Handle material Dark Oak, Curly birch and colored leather
Handle length 92 mm
Sheath material Genuine leather
Design by Laura Bombier
Design year 2014

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