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Gaupe 12C27

Gaupe 12C27

In 2022 we added a new version of the classic Gaupe knife. Equally beautiful and balanced as its sibling with a 12C27.

Named after the Norwegian name for Lynx, this knife has somewhat the same characters. Really beautiful to look at and powerful when it comes to its performance. Gaupe features a classic Scandinavian shape with a small fingerguard, and a handle well shaped by hand for secure grip.

The choice between 12C27 and H3LS (laminated) all comes down to how you want to use your knife


Specifications Gaupe 12C27
Weight incl. sheath 162 g / 5.71 oz
Blade material 12C27 stainless steel
Blade thickness 2,9 mm / 0.114 inch
Blade length 107 mm / 4.21 inches
Blade construction Stick tang
Handle material Curly birch
Handle length 115 mm / 4.53 inches
Sheath material Genuine leather
Design by Helle Design
Design year 2011


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