Kletten meets Kebony

Kletten meets Kebony

 When we launched our pocket sized Helle knife last year it was received with raving reviews, and we are glad to say that in the year that has passed, we struggled to keep up with the demand. But we don’t rest on our laurels – at Helle we say that praise is only a good thing if you use it for good.

We have therefore been working diligently to find out what we can alter and improve on the Kletten. A consistent theme we met when talking to customer was that the shape and mechanism work well, but that it would be nice if the Kletten was offered in a darker, alternative wood as well. At Helle we try to stick to our northern, woods as much as possible, and dark woods are hard to find here.

Kletten Kebony. Photo: solitary_man

Enter Kebony. Kebony is a Norwegian innovation whereby wood is stabilized using waste biomass, making traditional northern woods denser and darker in the same process. The result is a sustainable wood that outperforms traditional, exotic hardwoods. The scales on the new Kletten K are made from kebonized maple, which leaves the patterning of the maple intact while strengthening the already dense structure of the maple further.

We first started using this material for our cutlery, and our craftsman has loved shaping it into smooth wooden scales with  a satin finish that will age and get more beautiful after years of use. It will alter and turn grey over time if you wish it to – just leave it exposed to the elements. If you wish to preserve its dark brown basic color treat it with oil every now and again to preserve the outer layer. Regardless of what you do the scales will stay strong.

Hands working the kebony

The new Kletten K therefore combines the mechanism, shape and grind of the regular Kletten, but packs it in a dark, smooth and handsome material instead. We hope you enjoy using it as much as we have enjoyed testing it.

Kletten K will be available in selected stores by early October 2020.

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