Adventures in Swedish Lapland with friends

Adventures in Swedish Lapland with friends

This summer we decided to do something special during our summer holiday. It was our friend and flyfishing guide Mattias @landforss who came up with the idea. He invited me to join him and his dog on a flyfishing trip to one of his favorite spots in Swedish Lapland. 

Mattias also invited the @Neasna Sisters and their father, and I invited Benny @solitary_man and my 16-year-old son. A group of people from age 16 to mid 50’s. Some meeting for the first time, but all with the same love for the outdoors and adventures.

Since Mattias organized everything on site for our arrival, all I could do was to pack up the car and make sure to bring a bunch of knives for testing. Some of our classics designs like the Gaupe and Hellefisk were in the knife roll, but also the new Nord and the updated Temagami. Plus of course some prototypes, but we must leave those out of this story for now. I promise that if they make it through to production you will see more of them next year. 

The weather forecast promised demanding weather and delivered just that. Winds up to about 20 m/s (40+ miles/h) and temperatures close to freezing at night. The cool thing with bringing together the right crew is that even though the weather was tough, and the wind was cold, there was always a smile on everyone’s face. I think that’s what sets outdoorsmen and women apart from “normal” people … LOL. Soon the tarp was set up and giving some protection.

Fire comes first, then coffee kettle with @lemmelkaffe and then food was prepared. More stories to come on preparing food in the wild.   


Everyone knows that a good night’s sleep is key to feeling good. Even with the wind howling and the tarp flapping a bit more than what one can wish for, we slept well after the long hike up to the camp, followed by a great meal. Dreaming of the river, and the days to come. More on that on that to come. But here is a sneak peek. 






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